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Proof of Concept Program (PoC)

The Proof of Concept program “PoC” is a way for prospective customers to get “Proof” that the solution can be customized to suit their needs to their satisfaction.


The Proof of Concept program “PoC” is a contracted minimum implementation of Microsoft CRM or Sharepoint that proves the suitability of the application to a client’s specific requirements. PoC efforts are typically focused on a small subset of unique functionality, but could be a broad process area at a particular throughput or as part of an integrated enterprise process.

How the “Proof of Concept” Program Works:

The Proof of Concept (PoC) program is a fee based pre-sales effort that does involve many of the aspects of the resulting full-blown implementation in terms of software and hardware resources, professional implementation resources, and potentially highly specialized resources like DBA’s (Data Base Administrators), CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) specialists, data migration professionals, .Net software programmers, and senior business process consultants.

The “PoC” project starts with an agreement that is the subset of the desired production implementation project and solution. The “PoC” program has low cost and typically 65% of the expense is not repeated in the production implementation. A “PoC” program before the production implementation can significantly reduce the total time frame of a production implementation by more than the sum of both projects because of the intensity and rapid priority work of the Proof of Concept project.

The “PoC” agreement is designed to relieve final hurtles to beginning the client’s solution implementation. As such, the “PoC” agreement’s completion triggers the inherent solution agreement and the beginning of the proved solutions implementation within the client’s sales, marketing, and customer services operations as defined by the agreement.